Parent Resources/Training

Here are some handouts I have used to help parents understand some of the important strategies used to facilitate AAC learning and use.

AAC Strategy Handouts

These handouts were created following the Colorado IMPAACT Project run through the University of Colorado and Assistive Technology Partners (ATP).

Parent Handout Modeling.pdf
Parent Handout Core Vocab.pdf
Parent Training Wait Time and Prompting.pdf
Parent Handout Descriptive Teaching.pdf

Remote Parent Trainings with Printables

Remote Parent Training #1 The Groundwork- Learning Your Child's AAC Device

Remote Parent Training #2 AAC Use Around the House

Home Phrases- LAMP Words for Life (1).pdf
Home Phrases- WP 60 Basic.pdf
Symbols Around the House.pdf

Articles to Support the Use of a Communication Device to Improve Verbal Speech

Kasari, kaiser, et al., 2014.pdf
Romski et al., 2010.pdf
Millar, Light, Schlosser 2006.pdf