LAMP Words for Life AAC Books and Activities

Below are a series of files created learning vocabulary using the LAMP Words for Life app

Realize that vocabularies vary if any customization has been done to the device, so your child's vocabulary may not directly match the sequences represented in the files, however, the sequences will likely get you very close to the correct sequence.

*Remember 'Word Finder' can always be used if you can't find a word.

Morning or Night LAMP WFL 84 Seq.pdf
Little Einstein’s Prepositions LAMP WFL 84 Seq.pdf
Get a CAKE LAMP WFL 84 Seq.pdf
Morning Questions LAMP WFL.pdf
Funny Bunnies- LAMP.pdf
LAMP 84 Full Bike- big, little, fast, slow.pdf
Silly Sally WFL prompts.pdf
How I Became a Pirate WFL Key Words.pdf
Spring is here WFL Sequences.pdf
Word World I see... LAMP WFL 84 Seq.pdf
Word World Prepositions LAMP 84 Seq.pdf
Put Book LAMP 84 Seq.pdf
Valentines Vocab and Phrases.pdf
Core Vocab Review- play, get, feel Lamp WFL vocab.pdf
Froggy Gets Dressed WFL Sequences.pdf
Teaching Groups- Sorting LAMP WFL 84 Seq.pdf
Monsters Adjectives LAMP WFL 84 Seq.pdf
Basketball LAMP WFL.pdf
The Three Little Pigs WFL prompts.pdf
Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear WFL Icon Sequences.pdf
Trolls and CORE!!! LAMP WFL 84 Seq.pdf
That’s Hot LAMP WFL 84.pdf
Pete the Cate WFL Icon Sequences.pdf
A House for Hermit WFL prompts.pdf
Halloween Describing Book LAMP WFL 84 Seq.pdf
Little Einsteins- On ______ LAMP 84 Seq.pdf
LAMP Category Cues.pdf
Minion Feelings- LAMP 84 Full.pdf
Thomas Everywhere LAMP WFL 84 Sequenced.pdf
In the Snow- LAMP 84 Sequenced.pptx
LAMP Outing Plan.pdf
Home Phrases- LAMP Words for Life.pdf