Saltillo Calendar Books

Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep

These are monthly books that go with the Saltillo 2019 Calendar.

How do I use this?

I use the board as the adult who is facilitating the activity. When the story reads "Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep", I point to the word sleep on the board so the child can see. Pointing to the board provides a visual prompt of what I want them to find in their talker vocabulary.

Read the book using YouTube. Pause after reading a section. Comment on what the bear is doing by verbally saying and pointing to the picture on the board. Then prompt "What is he doing?" and point to the board then gesturing they find that same word on their talker.

For other kids just use the board as a key to preteach the words we will be using in the book. Go through all the words on the board and find them in the talker prior to reading the book and then have them comment as you read (pause YouTube). When they can't find a word in their talker, they'll point on the low tech board and then help show the navigation for that word.